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The professionals at Global Lingua Hub hold expertise in translating over 20 languages. In the past five years, we have successfully handled Language Translation Projects involving rendition of manuals, brochures, annual reports, website content, newsletters, presentations, scripts, and other literary works. Our translation process follows an extensive research on the source and target languages, and is marked by the highest order of textual reliability, accuracy, sensitivity to the users’ requirements, understanding of the semantics and contextual use of each and every word in the translated work.

Our linguistic experts combine the mastery over language with specialization in fields such as information technology, software, hardware, technical/industry, medical/ pharmacy, legal, scriptures, etc. Translation is an activity that requires extensive knowledge, experience and meticulous attention, and we are the name with all the traits of an excellent Foreign Language Translator.

Spectrum of Our Language Translation Services

We offer a huge spectrum of Language Translation Services that include but are not limited to:

The list of our Language Translation Services doesn’t end here. You can contact us for Financial Translation, Software Language Translation, Book Translation, Leaflet Translation and any other translation stuff.